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I am Sarah-Tabea, a director, writer, and film scholar.
I narrate with media, create content and ponder about curiosities.

My work ranges from broadcast and video production to
concept art in text and image. I also research and teach.
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"Something Beautiful" (c) 2017, by Sarah-Tabea Sammel and Eric Kerr
SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL is a short film exploring Wittgenstein’s
thought experiment, "The Beetle in a Box". Wittgenstein supposed
that our minds (by analogy, boxes) carry the concept or notion of
a beetle. However, no one can see into someone else’s box. There
might be an identical, a different, or no beetle at all in the
other's box. The beetle as such becomes constructed and constituted
via the language game; comprehension is achieved through
communication and exchange that allows for the beetle to become
consensus. SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL asks how a word - "beautiful" - is
used, floats in-between minds, and gets attached in our society and
offers the explanation that beauty is between the eyes of the
beholders, onlookers, spectators. What do we agree upon? What is
"beauty" put upon? Would something beautiful exist without humans
creating and nurturing the term?
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