I am a director-producer and writer, also videographer/editor multi and single camera; documentary, drama, factual, commercial (Discovery Channel SEA, Bloomberg US, i.e.) | video art works
Selected works —

Director, Producer, DoP, Editor for Singapore Chinese Orchestra’s EU tour video (2019)
Writer, Director for National University of Singapore Campus Video (2019)
Director, Producer, DOP, Editor for Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Berlin Concert (2019)
“Disappearing Souls”, teaser for Borneo conservation short documentary (2019) in collaboration with Nat. Geographic Wildlife Photographer o.t. Year 2017, Jayaprakash Bojan
Producer, Editor for Singapore Repertory Theatre’s access video series [exemplary] (2019)
Videography Showreel 2018
Directing Showreel 2016-2017
Writer, Director, Producer for Bloomber US Documentary Series Episode (2016)